Last Updated on June 15, 2020


This OMSAS section requires your AAMC ID and your most recent test date. Please ensure that you enter this accurately.


OMSAS Guide 2018

Candidates are required to enter their full academic history. Enter your university, college or CEGEP program. All institutions should be listed. Please enter the exact replica of what is stated on your institutional transcripts. Double-check your entries. Each OMSA entry requires the year, details, course code, and course summary. OMSAS will calculate your GPA automatically.

The transcripts form the basis of confirming the assessment of your academic record. These entries will be used to calculate your GPA. They should be ordered by you and sent to OMSAS at 170 Research Lane, Guelph, Ontario N1G 5E2 by the referee not before specified deadlines. For schools within Ontario this is done electronically. If you have any uncertainty or questions, contact the medical school registrar.

OMSAS Guide 2018

For students who have attended multiple institutions for intersession or summer school, these must be included. All courses that show up on a transcript regardless of outcome, incomplete, pass, fail or grade should be included. Summer or intersession course for medical school may be used in the final GPA formula at some medical schools. Remember that all institutions must be accounted for. If in doubt, call OMSAS or the specific medical school registrar.

Completing the OMSAS application requires diligence and accuracy. Take your time, fill it out properly and avoid errors. When in doubt, call OMSAS or contact the medical school direction.

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