Last Updated on March 8, 2024

Medical Residence – CaRMS Applications

The Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) is a national, not-for-profit organization with fees for the provision of services established in 1969 at the request of medical students who are seeking an independent entity to enforce an application fair and transparent and appropriate service for entry into postgraduate medical education in Canada.

CaRMS Residency Program Descriptions

Program descriptions are submitted to CaRMS for participation in postgraduate institutions and all content is on the discretionary program. CaRMS residency programs are not responsible for the content mentioned and do not confirm its accuracy. If you have questions about the content of this section, please contact the CaRMS residency program for more information.

R-1 Main Residency Match

The R-1 Main Residency Match (R-1 match) for the postgraduate positions at the initial level is the largest CaRMS match. It encompasses all 17 Canadian medical schools and is offered twice a year. The first iteration includes all graduate students and graduates from Canada and the United States who meet basic eligibility criteria and have not completed post-graduate training in Canada or the United States. It is also open to graduates of international medical schools (IMG) who meet the basic criteria and have no postgraduate training in Canada or the United States.

The second iteration includes positions and candidates who are not followed during the first iteration, as well as candidates who have already completed postdoctoral training in Canada or the United States and other candidates who did not participate in the first iteration.

Medicine Subspecialty Match

The Medicine Subspecialty Match (MSM) is for residents who are currently residing in an internal medicine training program that wants to apply for sub-specialty training.

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