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Selection Factors

Dalhousie University

The number of year one position available for 2018/19 is 109 (99 for Maritime residents (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island), 9 for non-Maritime residents and 1 for Aboriginal Student); 78 seats in the Maritime pool will be assigned to the Halifax campus and 30 seats to the St. John campus: all permanent residents of New Brunswick will attend the St.John campus and the government of New Brunswick is responsible for defining residency status. Foreign students are not eligible for apply, however, Foreign students with supernumerary foreign contracts under contract with foreign governments/institutions are accept.

To apply to the undergraduate MD program, a four-year degree in any discipline from an accredited university is required. Although candidates with three-year degrees are occasionally admitted, a four-year degree is strongly preferred. To be considered eligible for Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine, you must meet our minimum academic requirements (GPA and MCAT) based on your place of residence. In addition to our academic requirements, you must also meet our course load requirements.

The minimum acceptable grade point average is 3.3 on 4.0 scale in each year assessed and a minimum total MCAT score of 503 (only one section score of 124 is permitted, but the total score must still meet minimum score) for Maritime residents and 3.7 on 4.0 scale in each year assessed and minimum MCAT score 506 (only one section of 125 is permitted, but the total score must still meet minimum score) for Non-Maritime residents.

The MCAT 2015 is required and the test must have been with the last four years.

There are no prerequisite courses.

Dalhousie University

Faculty Of Medicine

2018/19 New Admissions Into Year One: 109

2018/19 First-Year Tuition:

  • Canadian Residents: $20,784
  • Québec Residents: $20,784 (Québec Schools Only)
  • Visa Students: $29,337
  • Compulsory Fees: $1,393
  • Foreign Students: $75,000 (Above Quota Contract)

Tuition Details

Admission Requirements

  • Length Of Program : 4 years
  • Language Of Instruction : English
  • Testing of Language Proficiency : No
  • Computer : Personal not required
  • Visa students (International / US students) pay a differential fee of $4,482.00/term (2 terms) on top of the regular tuition fees.

Academic Criteria:

Special Consideration:

  • N/A

Deferred Admissions:

  • Deferral requests are not routinely granted and have generally been provided only in rare and exceptional circumstances.


  • Not considered


  • Interview will take place at both the Halifax and Saint Join campuses during one weekend in November each year. Currently all Maritime residents who meet the minimum academic requirements (GPA, course load, MCAT and CASPer) will be offer an interview. Your interview will be scheduled on either a Saturday or a Sunday and will take place at either the Halifax or Saint John campus. The scheduled interview will run for approximately two hours during the morning or afternoon.

Offers of Admission:

  • All decision letters are distributed via email in March each year. A $500.00 non- refundable acceptance deposit is required. This deposit is applied to tuition upon enrolment.

Combined Programs:

  • Not available

Application Details:

  • An online application (Section 1) is available annually June 15th to July 31st. The application is a two –steps process. Section 1 must be submitted in order to receive access to Section 2. Section 2 is due Sept 1st annually, this includes transcript assessment, residency verification, personal statement and supplemental form. Official transcripts must be RECEIVED by our office on or before July 31st annually (must indicate an issue/print date no later than July 31st ). A mandatory application processing fee of $70 is required.

Contact Information:

Admissions & Student Affairs, Clinical Research Centre, 5849 University Avenue, PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Tel: 902-494-1874

Fax: 902-494-6369

E-Mail: [email protected]


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