Last Updated on June 15, 2020

OMSAS: Northern Ontario School of Medicine

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is known to provide a community-engaged education and research that improves the health of people and communities in Northern Ontario. The School of Medicine has main campuses in Thunder Bay and Sudbury. The university has also set aside multiple teaching and research sites all over Northern Ontario. The school’s vision is to invest in innovative education and research to improve the health of people in the north.

University of Northern Ontario School of Medicine
University of Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Admission policies and procedures

The admissions committee at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine will consider the applicant’s demographics in the admissions process. Applicants who are within Northern Ontario, those who come from remote or rural areas in Canada and aboriginal applicants are given an advantage in the admissions process. Applicants who demonstrate a high level of self-motivation and thrive are likely to succeed.

When applications are made, students are not able to designate their preferred campus. The students will be asked to indicate their preferred campus only after being invited for an interview. However, there is never a guarantee that you will be assigned to your preferred campus.

The admissions selection process

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine will screen all applications and select candidates based on the following 3 components:

Properly and avoid errors. When in doubt, call OMSAS or contact the medical school direction.

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  • The GPA score
  • The autobiographical sketch and school submission questions
  • Context

Context simply refers to details such as your place of residence. How you score in the above 3 areas will determine if you are called in for an interview. The university invites approximately 300 applicants to participate in the interviews. The admissions committee will then review the applicant’s score pre-interview and during the interview then select the best performing candidates. Reference letters are usually reviewed after or during the interviews. If your application is incomplete or doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, it is automatically disqualified.

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine does not consider the following factors during their selection process:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender, gender identity, gender expression
  • MCAT (You do not have to write the MCAT in order to apply to NOSM)

The minimum requirements to be admitted to the NOSM is:

  • A 4-year graduate university degree or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Or a minimum of 10 full course credits or 20 half course credits if your 4-year degree is as a result of transferring credits from a college.

For mature applicants, older than 25, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine allows a 3-year undergraduate university degree in any discipline. Applicants are given an opportunity to further explain their experiences by completing additional questions in the application form.

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine changed the method used to calculate GPAs. The grades will now be calculated on all the converted undergraduate course grades that were completed at a recognized university or college. Any courses in the transcript that were recognized as pass will not be considered when calculating GPA. If a course is repeated and both the past and current grades appear in the transcript, they will both be considered when calculating your GPA.

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