Last Updated on January 25, 2020

Medical Residencies

Medical Residencies: It is known that medical residencies in North America are the best and most competitive medical training programs in the world.

As most of you know, the journey to residency matching in the United States is not that simple. It is a long pathway the begins on the first day of medical school.

It is well known that medical residency programs in the United States are amongst the best training programs globally, and that is why residencies in the United States are classically competitive, among local applicants and international medical graduates. Various residencies are not the same and depend on the hospital itself and the specialty. Here are the most competitive specialties in the United States. Ranking via ERAS will be performed at the time of your medical residency application:

#1: Orthopedic Surgery Overall Score: 28

The specialty that is at the top of the list of 10 most competitive programs in the United States is orthopedic surgery. Objectively, a USMLE test score of 248 is required, and all future residents must know that they will compete for only 0.83 open positions. However, the average annual salary of $ 535,668 is a factor that should be considered when considering the 5-year residency training and 2-year post-surgical fellowship that is often required.

#2: Neurological Surgery Overall Score: 27

Neurosurgeons earn an annual salary of up to $ 609,639. However, candidates compete for residency positions at a ratio of 0.93. Their average USMLE score of 245.5 points for Step 1 and Step 2 are not the highest, but still quite competitive amongst other specialties.

#3: Plastic Surgery Overall Score: 26

Unlike Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery is one of the youngest medical fields in the United States. However, it has quickly gained popularity over the last two decades and is now considered one of the most competitive specialties. Since a plastic surgeon can expect a mid-year salary of $ 407,709 with an average USMLE test score of around 248.5. Finally, plastic surgery is the most competitive residency in terms of open positions by US candidates. With 0.74 posts, only two in three American seniors can expect a match.

#4: Otolaryngology Overall Score: 25

Proudly bearing the nickname “the oldest medical specialty in the United States”, otolaryngology is among the top five. Compared to some of the less competitive residences, the $369,790 salary earned requires a USMLE score average of 250 in steps 1 and 2 scores, as well as 0.84 positions per senior US applicant.

#5: Dermatology Overall Score: 24

With an average USMLE Step Test of 251, the average American dermatologist represents the most qualified residency match. Their respective salary amounts to $ 400,989 and compete for 0.95 open positions. Given all this, it is no surprise that dermatology is one of the most competitive specialties on our list of the 10 most competitive residences in the United States.

#6: Radiation Oncology Overall Score: 23

Current radiation oncology is closely related to cancer treatment, even if a physician in this area is not part of any cancer treatment team. Still, their total Step score is 244.5, all fighting for 0.93 positions. Moreover, their corresponding annual salary of $ 418 288 is highly competitive, but first, they have to complete their residency before they have a chance to earn it.

#7: Urology Overall Score: 22

Urology is always competitive, although the results vary from year to year. The average results of USMLE urology testing were virtually impossible to find, but we managed to get an average urologist rating of 238 at a salary of 381,029 and positions per US senior score of 0.82, however, clearly pinpoint urology’s high competitiveness rating.

#8: Ophthalmology Overall Score: 20

Ophthalmologists can earn their annual salary slightly below the average, to $ 343,144 compared to their predecessors on this list, but they do not have a lot of maneuvering space when it comes to the number of open positions. 1.01 is the number here, and many older Americans really have to excel with their respective applications

#9: Diagnostic Radiology Overall Score: 20

“The eye of Medicine” – Diagnostic Radiology is responsible for diagnosing the disease and opens the way to other medical specialties. The average salary of $ 404,302 is very promising, but to deserve it, all residents in diagnostic radiology will get an average of about 245 USMLE Step tests or so. Fortunately for them, at least the open position they compete for is 1.29.

#10: General Surgery Overall Score: 18

Prospective surgical surgeons must have strong USMLE results in Step 1 and Step 2, which average is 238.5. However, there are still more than a few places available for them as the average American senior competes for 1.1 open positions trying to get a match at this residency. Finally, general surgery promises an average salary of $360,933, which equates to the balance of the available specialties.

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