The top and best universities for clinical medicine in Canada have display strength in producing research related to various medical and biomedical related topics. These topics include anesthesia, cardiology, general and internal medicine, gastroenterology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, radiology and surgery among others. Below are the list of the top universities in Canada for clinical medicine, based on their reputation and research in the field of medicine.

#1: McGill University

McGill University was founded in 1821 and located in Montreal, Que. McGill is maintaining the top spot among the top Canadian universities for the second consecutive year, falling six places this year to rank 30th in the world. Almost 40,000 students enrolled into McGill which 25% of the students are international. McGill has the highest number of Rhodes scholars and Nobel Prize winners among any other university in Canada. McGill was the first established Medical faculty in Canada and strives to be among the top and best Universities throughout the world for its medical courses.

#2: University of Toronto

University of Toronto was established in 1827. The University of Toronto edges closer to its rival McGill, climbing two places this year to maintain the 32nd position in the world. University of Toronto is located in Canada’s largest city, the contribution of University of Toronto to Canadian economy per year is CA$15.7 billion. The university is known worldwide for its research innovations which include the discoveries of insulin and stem cells. The University of Toronto is in a class of its own. St. George with 14,000 faculties, more than 700 undergraduate programs and around 88,000 students on three different campuses.

#3: University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia climbed up by five places this year, the University of British Columbia is currently ranked 45th in the world and keeps its position which makes it to compete third amongst the top universities in Canada. University of British Columbia was established in 1908 and located in Vancouver and Kelowna, the university’s student body of 61,100 includes 13,200 international students from 155 countries throughout the world. UBC students are among the best in the world and are compete by an amazing faculty to achieve their full potential while on campus. With about 300,000 alumni, UBC graduates are active internationally, changing the world for the better.

#4: University of Alberta

The research-intensive University of Alberta provides more than 380 programs for undergraduates and 500 graduate programs. The University of Alberta is up two places this year which makes to rank 94th in the world. The university is located mainly in Edmonton, the university currently enrolls 38,700 students from 147 countries and has a major impact on the economy of Alberta, being the province’s fourth-largest employer.

#5: Université de Montréal

Université de Montréal has been the highest-ranked francophone Canadian university for so many years.  Throughout the world, Université de Montréal is placed 126th this year. The university if one of the major research center in Canada and it has almost 67,000 students, including 9,300 internationals.

#6: McMaster University

McMaster University keeps its position as the 149th university in the world this year (alongside the US’s Emory University), McMaster University is located in Hamilton, Ontario, on a scenic 300-acre campus, and is particularly prominent for its medical school.

#7: University of Waterloo

Ranked joint 152nd this year with IIT Bangalore, the University of Waterloo is also located in Ontario. The University of Waterloo is a member of the U15 group of research-intensive Canadian universities, and is specifically well-known for its cooperative education (co-op) programs.

#8: Western University

Formerly known as the University of Western Ontario, Western University is ranked 198th this year and is located in London, Ontario. It has an enrolment of about 28,400 students which represents 117 countries around the globe.

#9: Queen’s University

The Queen’s University is ranked joint 223rd in the world, Queen’s University is located in Kingston, Ontario and is one of the oldest institution in Canada which was established in 1841 26 years before Canada itself was founded. The university occupies more than 3,500 acres of land throughout Ontario.

Other Top Universities in Canada:

  1. Simon Fraser University – ranked 226th in the world.
  2. Dalhousie University – ranked joint 283rd in the world.
  3. University of Ottawa – ranked joint 291st in the world.
  4. University of Victoria – ranked joint 325th in the world.
  5. Laval University – ranked 372nd in the world.
  6. York University – ranked 451-460 in the world.
  7. Concordia University – ranked 461-470 in the world.
  8. University of Saskatchewan – ranked 471-480 in the world.

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