COVID-19 and the NAC OSCE: What changes can you expect for your 2020 NAC OSCE Exam?

How is the NAC OSCE Examination Changing

  • Physical Exam stations will not involve physical touching.
  • Physical Exam steps will be discussed with the examiners but not actually performed on the standardized patients.
  • Candidates will be required to following appropriate physical distancing measures and will use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times during the interaction.
  • Large group information sessions will no longer occur
  • Orientation and other pertinent instructions related to the NAC Exam will be provided to students virtually
  • There will be no “pilot” stations in the 2020 NAC OSCE. Instead these “test” stations will be converted into “Waiting stations”

So what’s the main change to the NAC Exam in 2020?

The main change is that the physical exam will only be discussed and not physical conducted.

What about the NAC Exam 2020 Orientation?

The NAC Exam orientation will be sent to your PhysiciansApply account and will be facilitated in an online fashion.

How is the NAC Exam Scored? Are there any changes to that in 2020?

As per the official website, the NAC exam scoring will not change. Examiners will review your discussed physical exam steps and provide a score. All other aspects of the exam remain unchanged. Similar rating scales will still be adopted.

As per the official website, NAC OSCE competencies include:

  • History taking
  • Diagnosis
  • Data interpretation
  • Investigations
  • Management
  • Communication skills
  • Physical examination (assessed in a modified format).

Candidates are evaluated by both Standardized Patients and Examiners.

Reporting of your performance will change:

Candidates will now be given a Pass, Fail or Pass with Superior performance. A pass means you have what it takes to meet the minimum clinical standard in Canada. If you achieve a Pass with superior performance, you are above board with respect to your clinical competency as per Canadian standards.

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