The New MMI Platform: Admit Video

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many medical schools for the 2021-2022 application cycle have chosen to hold their MMI interviews on the virtual platform Admit Video. The University of Manitoba MMI for example, has now exclusively chosen Admit Video to assess potential medical school candidates.

MMI interviews using this platform will no longer be doing live interviews, and instead, the MMIs will be conducted as pre-recorded (asynchronous) videos. This means that all applicants will be taking the MMI on the same date and time. Applicants will be asked a series of questions and have their answers RECORDED on video. The recorded answers will then be submitted to reviewers for official marking and scoring.

The recently updated estimated time to complete the MMI on this virtual platform is 2-3 hours which is similar to a standard MMI. What is slightly different about the ADMIT VIDEO MMI is that questions will be clumped into groups/stations. Therefore you may be required to answer multiple scenarios before changing to a new “station”.

Raters will be assigned to review applicants’ pre-recorded videos at specific stations. They will be rating multiple applicants on the one question they were assigned to. This will ensure that raters adhere as closely as possible to the regular in-person MMI scoring system, which is structured in this way to avoid biases.

What are we doing at MedApplications to prepare you for the ADMIT VIDEO MMI?

MedApplications is dedicated to supporting pre-medical students who are navigating this brand new platform and way of interviewing in today’s climate. With the MMI no longer being conducted as a live interview, students are facing a way of interviewing that is unprecedented.

In order to help you prepare for these interviews moving to a pre-recorded model, MedApplications helps to realistically simulate this new interview process. We have a structured system, where you submit video recordings of yourself answering our MMI scenarios. Our experienced advisors will review your videos and provide you with a detailed rubric and feedback.

The MedApplications ADMIT VIDEO MMI Rubric

MedApplications has designed a customized rubric to match the new standard in MMI evaluation. As a student in our program, you will gain access to scored rubrics for each of the pre-recorded answers you submit, in addition, to live sessions to review your interview performance.

Using a rubric to standardize your MMI performance is necessary to see how you are performing. You can use these scores to compare your first mock interview to your last and objectively see your performance skyrocket!

Ensure you are fully prepared and well-practiced with this new MMI process!  Contact us today for more information about our MMI Prep Programs.

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