Michael De Groote School of Medicine

Based on the philosophy of consistency and diversity in grading, the MMI places pre-medical students in novel, challenging and often uncomfortable scenarios, testing the whole spectrum of required medical school skills. The McMaster MMI was the pioneer in sharing this interview construct. Pre-medical candidates rotate through a series of challenging MMI scenarios, facing new examiners at each step of the way. For many students, the MMI is a marathon, a test of mental endurance and a significant obstacle to medical school acceptance.

At MedApplications, our expert MMI physicians have trained, practiced and facilitated the MMI at McMaster University. As the leading MMI preparation firm in North America, we specialize on expertly preparing you for the McMaster MMI Medical School Interview.

How to prepare for the McMaster Multiple Mini Interview

McMaster MMI

How to prepare for the Michael De Groote School of Medicine MMI? For many pre-medical students approaching the MMI is a black box. Some students begin with reading “Doing Right”. Others scour the internet for practice MMI scenarios. Many create MMI groups to practice with like-minded students. While all these strategies may be superficially beneficial, the MMI is structured to test both a depth of understanding, critical appraisal of scenarios and thoughtful execution.

Unlike the panel style interview, students faced individualized, brief and diverse MMI scenarios which rapidly rotate throughout the MMI circuit. It is challenging to get a handle on the true meaning of the MMI scenario while simultaneously crafting an exceptional response. Preparing with our MMI expert physicians at MedApplications will ensure a streamlined, efficient and high yield preparatory strategy to build your confidence for the MMI.

How to Succeed in The Michael De Groote School of Medicine

Medical School Interview

McMaster University MMI

As the inaugural Multiple Mini Interview, the McMaster MMI encompasses innovation, creativity and the ultimate test in medical school screening. Preparing for the McMaster MMI is crucial to successful medical school admittance.

Endurance: Focusing on your pace, tone and rhythm will pay dividends on interview day. Practicing in private and with expert reviewers will iron out your delivery. While the MMI appears to move at a rapid pace, maintaining your energy level and stamina is crucial to finishing strong.

Expect the Unexpected: Trying to prepare and rehearse answers for every type of MMI scenario is not possible. At MedApplications we focus on high yield algorithms, training you to master even the most obscure MMI scenarios.

Think outside the Box: Push yourself to prepare answers for the weird and wonderful. Test your critical thinking. Practice remaining come. Your delivery is as important as your content. Impress your examiners through a structured approach.

Focus: Ensuring you maintain your focus is essential. Take the time to read the scenario, absorb the content and craft your response. Structure is key. Take the time, it will pay off.

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