One of the key academic requirements to join medical schools in Canada is your results in the MCAT test. It’s really important to know when to take this test. Your MCAT results will play a huge role in making sure your application to medical school is successful. Let’s look at a few dos and don’ts when it comes to taking this test.

Do Take The Test When You Are Well Prepared

The best time to take the MCAT is when you know you’re ready. There are different ways to tell if you are indeed ready to take the test. First, analyze your scores in the mock practice tests that you have done recently. Have you been getting a score that is at least in the 90th percentile? If this is not the case, perhaps it’s time to prepare more before you take the test. Make sure you have been getting good grades in your mock practice tests consistently. This simply means that you should have attained a good score at least 3 times in a row. If you are indeed confident that you are ready for the test, write it immediately.

Go Through Sample Questions And Answers

There are numerous online resources that provide you with sample questions and answers for MCAT. Take your time to go through them and evaluate your score. Doing your own self-evaluation will help you to determine whether you are indeed prepared for the tests. Go through the tips below on how to prepare for the MCAT.

  • Do a lot of practice questions especially those that help you to hone your critical thinking skills. Remember that MCAT is not a memorization test so focus on practice problems.
  • Take practice tests to help build mental stamina that will enable you to focus throughout the exam. Remember that MCAT tests are rather long.
  • Equip yourself with adequate and quality resources such as practice tests from Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) who are the creators of MCAT.
  • Study with friends to make the process less stressful and maybe just a little fun. This will depend on your personality and what works best for you.
  • Don’t overdo it. Take breaks when studying. Do other activities such as research, volunteer or take clinical experience while you study for MCAT.
  • Give yourself deadlines to avoid falling behind your MCAT studies.

Leave Enough Time For A Re-Write

In the unlikely event that you perform poorly in your MCAT, you may want to do a re-write. That’s why it’s important to balance the timing in order to ensure you are able to redo the tests and leave enough time to avoid delaying the application. For most people, writing the test after the second year of university makes more sense because the bulk of what is examined is in the lower year courses. While you may re-write the test and have your latest results considered in your application, you’ll spend so much effort, time and money taking the test again. It’s better to be well prepared the first time and take the test only once.

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