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The CASPer Test, short for the Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics, is an online screening tool designed to test the key personal and professional characteristics of successful students and graduates.

If you’re familiar with Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs), you can think of the CASPer test as an online MMI. Traditional methods of evaluating personal characteristics, such as standard interviews, reference letters and personal essays, are susceptible to bias and subjective evaluations. CASPer increases fairness in applicant evaluation by providing admissions and selection committees with a professional assessment tool.

CASPer Prep Test Tips

Understanding CASPer Test Scoring

One of the most asked questions about CASPer is, “How is CASPer scored?” While medical schools and programs may not provide specific scoring details, research by CASPer creators offers some insights. Understanding the scoring system is not as crucial as knowing what assessors are looking for when scoring the questions. It shouldn’t change your approach to the questions or how you construct your responses.

Each CASPer assessor undergoes an online orientation and training session to learn the logistical aspects of marking CASPer tests and the criteria they must apply to each response when grading it. This aspect of the test is designed to cut subjective judgment in favour of assessment criteria.

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Tips on How to Succeed on the CASPer Test

  1. Read All Questions Before Beginning: Fundamental to the CASPer test strategy is reading all the questions before starting. This not only provides clues about the underlying issue but also helps structure your answer and avoid repetition.
  2. Use Professional Language: Your writing style is a fundamental indicator of your professional preparedness. Avoid casual language such as “you know,” “like,” and rhetorical questions. Prove your ability to communicate professionally.
  3. Consider Multiple Points of View: Acknowledge that stakeholders in the scenarios presented may include not only the people involved but also the company/hospital’s interests, public health concerns and the general public’s interest. Avoid overemphasizing the humanistic side and acknowledge the complete set of factors involved.
  4. Time Yourself With Practice: Practice under conditions that resemble the actual test, especially considering the time constraints. Timed practice will help you articulate your thoughts more efficiently and adapt during the actual test.
  5. Avoid Direct Quoting: Using the exact language from preparation materials can make your responses appear unoriginal. Use your own words to convey your ideas.

Preparing for the CASPer Test

CASPer is an online test used in the evaluation of applicants for medical school, nursing programs and other healthcare-related fields. It assesses personal qualities and the ability to respond to specific scenarios. To prepare:

  • Ensure you can type a least 40 words per minute.
  • Reflect on personal experiences related to conflict, weaknesses and failures and be ready to share concise lessons learned.
  • Complete at least one full-length timed practice CASPer test to familiarize yourself with the time constraints and expectations of the test.

In summary, the CASPer Test plays a crucial role in evaluating applicants for various healthcare-related programs. To succeed, it’s essential to understand the test’s format and scoring and to practice and prepare for the scenarios it presents. Demonstrating professionalism, empathy and the ability to consider multiple perspectives will help you excel in this assessment.

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