Private High Schools and Medicine

For many families, prestigious private high schools provide students an added level of support, academic opportunity (International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement) and nurturing environment. At MedApplications™ our medical doctors work commonly with private high school guidance counsellors, academic deans, admissions officers and support staff, to ensure our students are well support with medically specific advice.

Our medical doctors work in parallel to the many resources private high schools offer their students. Year round, we provide students with ongoing medical coaching to assist with medical research placement, clinical observerships, medical volunteerism, community engagements and school initiatives. We assist with the brainstorming and execution of significant endeavours that greatly enhance a medical school candidacy.

More and more we have increased our collaborative efforts with private high schools to provide medical school workshops focused on medical school interview preparation, medical school application drafting and medical career guidance. This added level of medical expertise translates into the most successful outcomes at graduation. We pride ourselves on an over 90% rate of acceptance to direct medical school entry programs in students with core baseline criteria from private and publicly funded high schools.

Getting into Medical School from High School


The road to medical school acceptance has many challenges and obstacles. Our medical doctors work hard to make this process as easy, smooth and stress free as possible. We know how hard it is to be successful in academics alone.

Adding the stress and pressure of medical school applications can only compound that stress. Our medical doctors specialize in working closely with high school students to ensure we build their confidence and make applying to medical school fun and rewarding. Our collaborative efforts with your high school ensure that your son or daughter is well taken care of from start to finish.

MedApplications™ Private High School Collaboration

Premium High School Coaching Program

What’s Included

Private High Schools and Medicine

  • Collaborations with Guidance Office
  • Coordination of Medical Standardized Tests
  • Medical School Application Submission
  • Medical School Interview Preparation
  • Medical Workshops for Parents and Students
  • Medical School Webinars for Private High Schools