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Application And Requirements

Western University

Each year, the university selects students who have showcased the qualities and abilities of socially responsible leaders who are ready to advance human health regionally and globally. The school provides students an opportunity to play a leading role in course evaluations and contribute to the improvement of course material, teaching, research and social accountability.

Admission to Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is highly competitive. The fact that you meet the minimum requirements is not a guarantee that you will be accepted or even invited for an interview.

Academic Admission Requirements

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

To be eligible to apply for admissions to the first-year program, you must fulfill the following:

  • Have a 4-year degree or equivalent from a recognized university. You can apply if you are in a final year of a program leading to an undergraduate degree.
  • You must meet or exceed the GPA minimum (which is reset every year) in each of the 2 years of undergraduate full time study.
  • You must meet or exceed the MCAT minimums (also reset every year) in your most recent MCAT writing. The test must have been taken within 5 years from the application deadline. The cutoffs are usually dependent on the competitiveness of the pool of applicants.
  • Special considerations can apply to those students who have indicated in their applications that they belong to specific communities in South-Western Ontario or any other indigenous communities.

Non-Academic Requirements

Schulich School of Medicine

  • You must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada to apply.
  • You must submit 3 references who will complete the Confidential Assessment Form to give information about your character, qualities and academic capabilities. One of the three referees must be a non-academic/character referee.
  • The school of medicine can deny admission of an applicant with inadequate written and spoken English proficiency.
  • Applicants will be required to complete Standard First Aid and CPR Basic Rescuer Course training and submit valid certificates prior to being enrolled in the program.
  • Students will also be required to take care of persons with infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B who are assigned to them. Once accepted to join the Schulich School of Medicine, you will be required to provide documentation of immunization and tuberculin status.
  • The applicants who are selected by the Admissions Committee each year will be invited for an interview. The interviews are structured and take 45 minutes in front of a panel of 3 representatives which includes a physician, a medical student and a community representative.

Can You Get Financial Support To Attend

Schulich School Of Medicine?

Certainly. Every year, Schulich School of Medicine students with financial need access $5million in scholarships, bursaries and awards in order to fund their studies. The school of medicine itself offers scholarships every year ($25,000/year for 4 years) to some of the students with the greatest financial need. There are other forms of financing such as the Ontario Student Assistance Program that can be accessed by students who are looking to raise the tuition/supplementary fees.

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