How To Choose The “Right” Medical School Acceptance

If you are among the chosen few with extraordinary grades, high MCAT scores, ethical acumen, professional and research experience, you will find yourself in a position to have to select a medical school offer to accept. Perhaps you are getting ready to apply for medical schools and need to figure out which schools best fit you. Let’s look at both scenarios and how to settle for the ideal medical school for you.

Choosing from multiple offers

Once you’ve applied to multiple medical schools and you receive offers, it’s important to take time and assess them. The key questions you should ask to help determine if the institution is right for you include:

  • Does the medical school have opportunities for research and professional development?
  • What learning style do they employ in their curriculum and is this ideal for you? Some medical schools prefer self-teaching whereas others focus on problem-solving. Do adequate research about the school’s learning style prior to accepting the offer.
  • Problem Based Learning in Medical School? For some students they thrive, for others, it may be a stark contrast from their prior educational experiences.
  • What is the institution’s culture and are you a good fit? Some schools are well known for advocacy and governance. If this is something that interests you, you should accept the offer. The culture of the school should match your personality and social strengths.
  • Does the school integrate the student’s perspectives in curriculum planning? Institutions that take into account your voice and allow you to contribute to the design of your learning environment are the best.
  • Consider the medical school’s location. Choose a school that has an effective transit and an environment that you are comfortable with. Some students end up dropping out of medical school because they suffered loneliness, isolation or other issues like unbearable weather. You may want to choose a school that is closer to home if you need that support system and also weather that you are more familiar with.
Getting Accepted to Med School

If you are not among those selected few who receive multiple offers from different medical schools, don’t give up. Some of the best physicians in the world had applied to medical school multiple times in order to be accepted. Maintain self-confidence and commitment to excellence and you will succeed. Consider the following to increase your chances of getting accepted at medical school:

  • Review the school’s criteria of admission before you start applying. Most medical schools publish their application guidelines on their website. There are certain things that can disqualify you in some schools such as a degree that was completed part-time. These are some of the non-negotiable that you need to work on first in order for you to be accepted.
  • What kind of candidates is the university looking for? Universities will usually mention the kind of candidates they want to train on their website. As much as there are certain obvious traits, look out for other elements that could mean you have a higher chance of getting accepted.
  • Some medical schools recognize diversity and have opportunities for special groups. You may want to get in touch with the school to discuss your case beforehand.

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