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Med School Application

It’s really difficult to come up with an outstanding application if you rush the entire process. The best applications are revised multiple times. These revisions are important because they help to eliminate errors that admission committees look out for when revisiting applications.

When you begin working on your application early enough, it gives you adequate time to think about different aspects such as your personal statement. You have ample time to draft all the academic and non-academic activities that you wish to include in your sketch. Other critical areas of your application such as choosing the referees also require prior planning.

Plan The Application Process

Apply Early

Why Apply Early?: Most medical schools receive applicants and review them on a rolling basis. The candidates who qualify will then be invited for an interview and finally spots will be offered to the successful applicants. Applying early gives you a greater chance of getting in. As the medical school keeps reviewing applications and extending offers, fewer spots are left.

How To Plan The Application Process: There are applicants who missed a slot in med school because they applied late. Even medical schools recommend applicants apply early, so that they get interviewed early because it usually has a huge advantage. As time passes, for med schools that use the rolling admissions process, your chance of getting accepted decreases because some spots have already been filled. There is increased competition which makes it even harder for you to get in.

Applying To Medical School

Application Requirements

Med School Application

Take Your MCAT Early: If you need to take the MCAT, make sure you do so early to avoid delaying the application process. Most medical schools will not consider your application without the MCAT scores. Don’t take the MCAT during the summer if you want to submit your MCAT application in June. Make sure the timing is right on when you take the exam, receive your results and begin the application process.

Do Not Procrastinate: Once you made a decision to apply for medical school, take action immediately. Begin by reviewing some medical schools that you are interested in joining. Visit the school’s website to understand their admission guidelines and requirements. Do you qualify? If you need assistance, you may request us to help you with the application review and interview preparation programs.

The process of applying for medical school can be long and intense so never make the mistake of doing things last minute. It should start way before you begin filling in the application forms and sending them to different schools. You may need to complete some requirements so as to qualify for certain medical schools. For instance, you may need to engage in extracurricular activities and do well so as to have a better chance of getting accepted at the medical school of your dreams. You may also be required to take the MCAT or do well in your coursework in order to qualify. Applying early helps you to prepare everything you need when you start filling out the forms.

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