Last Updated on March 11, 2020

Medical School Application Process

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine requires all applicants to complete the CASPer Test in the fall of the application year. Applications will not be considered if this test is not completed.

Candidates with Aboriginal Ancestry

The university has established an admissions process for its candidates including those with aboriginal ancestry in a bid to improve access to better health care in First Nations, Inuit and/or Métis peoples. Currently, the university reserves up to 7 seats for students within this group.

If you are a candidate of aboriginal ancestry and meet the stipulated admission eligibility requirements, you must do the following to be considered for admission:

  • Provide proof of aboriginal ancestry
  • Attach a letter that declares aboriginal ancestry and request for consideration under the alternative process. This letter should also explain to the admissions committee why you want to be a physician and how your personal and academic background motivated you.
  • You must also request the First Nations, Band Council, Tribal Council, Treaty, community or organizational affiliation to write a letter of recommendation which you will submit together with your application.

Combined Program for MD and PhD

  • A letter that explains why you would like to pursue the combined MD/PhD program. You need to state your research area of interest in this letter.
  • You also need to attach 2 letters of reference. The purpose of these letters is to prove your graduate research potential. Remember you still need to include the other 3 letters that are requested when applying for the MD program.
  • Your curriculum vitae
University of Ottawa

The selection process

The University of Ottawa’s selection criteria is based on 5 main factors. These include:

  • The eligibility requirements
  • Academic requirements
  • Performance in the CASPer test
  • Sketch review
  • The interview

So long as a candidate has met all the eligibility requirements, the university doesn’t give any preference to a discipline of the academic program taken. Other factors such as the applicant’s age, gender, religion and socio-economic background also do not play a role in the selection process. Preference is given to applicants who have knowledge of the official languages of the University of Ottawa. The university also clearly outlines that they will not consider any letters sent by applicants outlining special or unusual circumstances or make exceptions to any of their stated policies.

Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS) must receive all the applications, fully completed by the published deadlines. All the documentation and application materials should be received together prior to the deadline date so that the information can be reviewed. If your transcripts are not received before the selection process, your application will not be considered for review and you might even receive a disqualification status on your application. The university may also refuse to accept any future applications from a candidate who has submitted false, misleading or fraudulent information in their application to any medical school.

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