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OMSAS GPA Calculator

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You can use the OMSAS GPA calculator which converts your grades to the OMSAS grading system. Worried that your lower GPA may get in the way of your medical school acceptance?

Getting admitted to medical school has become very competitive. However, not all medical schools in Ontario and beyond use grades as their first cutoff. In order to get more all-rounded individuals accepted into medical school, there are institutions that look at a multi-dimensional approach when admitting students.

Instead of focusing on the marks, some medical schools will look at the applicant’s MCAT scores, their essays, personal statement and Autobiographical sketch prior to making a final decision. This means that all hope is not lost if your GPA is lower than average. You can still get accepted to medical school.

Can you Get into Medical School

If you Have Lower than Average GPA?

Of course. There are many students who apply to medical school every year and get accepted with lower than average accepted GPAs. It comes as a surprise that there are students with lower GPAs who get accepted in top medical schools in Ontario which have very high OMSAS GPA (between 3.7 and 3.9). What do these students do to increase their chances of acceptance? Let’s find out.

Tips To Get Accepted

With A Lower GPA

To start with, you must select the medical schools to apply to very cautiously. Go to the university website or check on the OMSAS booklet to find out what the specific GPA cutoff for each university you are interested in applying to is. Select a university when you are sure that your GPA is at least above the cutoff.

Secondly, focus on standing out in other parts of your medical school application. For instance, you may have a better MCAT score that will increase your chances of getting accepted to medical school.

You need to take time when writing your Medical School Application. Consider ways to demonstrate to the reviewing committee that you possess all the characteristics that a doctor requires. A compelling personal statement can get you admitted to a top medical school with a lower than average accepted GPA.

Additionally, be very keen when choosing your referees. Your choice can either make or break you. Remember you are not supposed to discuss the information in your letter of reference with the referee. Once you enter the name and other details of your referee and download the form, you simply cannot go back and change the names. So be extra cautious and talk to your referees as early as possible. Make sure the people you select are willing to write a strong letter of reference for you.

Don’t Give Up

Make Your Application Stand Out

Apply To MD-PHD Medical School

If your GPA is not as competitive as you would want, don’t be discouraged. Instead, work on making your application stand out by focusing on other aspects. You may even get in touch with our medical school admissions expert to help you with your application.

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