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Your Guide to Western University Medical School Admissions

Western University is a prestigious school that offers a variety of competitive programs that attract talented students every year. Western University Medical School is no different.

The Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario is a leading institution famous for its breakthrough discoveries, commitment to social responsibility and outstanding education and research. Founded in 1881, Western University Medical School is the third-oldest institution in Canada after Queen’s University and the University of Toronto.

From their first year of medical school, students learn a patient-centered approach to medicine, which emphasizes clinical experience. As a result, students do excellently in residency placements after graduation, with 96% of graduates obtaining residency positions.

Western Medical School has many notable alumni who have significantly contributed to medicine. Alumni include Ian McWhinney, who established the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine and Margaret Chan, the current director of the World Health Organization, as well as many more influential practitioners and academics.

The four-year MD program curriculum at Western University consists of two years of pre-clinical studies, one year of clerkship, and a final year of electives. The MD program teaches students patient and family care, research and evidence-based learning, experiential learning, social responsibility, technology, and collaboration.

Western University Medical School has two main campuses that share the same curriculum. Of the 171 MD students admitted yearly, 133 attend the London campus at Western’s main campus, while 38 attend the Dr. Murray O’Neil Medical Education Centre at the University of Windsor.

Western University Medical School encourages diversity in all of its applicants. There are no prerequisite courses or specific degrees required to enter the MD program. Current students come from diverse academic backgrounds, including the arts, music, philosophy, humanities, and many other fields.Western Medical School encourages all applicants regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, or gender to apply. A holistic application process that puts as much emphasis on non-academic criteria as it does on academic merits ensures that only the best fitting applicants secure seats in Western University Medical school.

Western University Medical School Admission Requirements

Are you interested in attending medical school at Western? Here is a breakdown of the various Western Medical School requirements:

  • Canadian Citizenship or permanent residency is required. The MD program at Western University does not accept international visa applicants. There is no preferential admission regarding residency; students from all provinces are given equal opportunity for admission.
  • Must be in your final year or hold a full bachelor’s degree at the time of application. A completed bachelor’s degree must be held at the start of the MD program. There are no prerequisite courses required for the Western University Medical School. Only full-time years are considered.
  • MCAT must be written. Students applying to the MD program must write the MCAT within five years of application. The MCAT tests students on natural, behavioral, and social science concepts. It also tests students on critical thinking skills and problem-solving that are required in medical school.
  • Abbreviated Autobiographical Sketch. Due to the holistic approach to the Western Medical School, students are required to submit an autobiographical sketch to show their non-academic strengths. Students are required to submit their experience in research, employment, volunteering, extracurricular activities, and general life experiences in the sketch. The autobiographical sketch is to be submitted on OMSAS alongside the rest of your application.
  • Confidential Assessment Form. Students are required to select three referees to fill out the CAF. This uniform application must be submitted by individuals who have overseen your progress, like professors, teachers, research heads, or bosses. One referee should be academic or work-related, the other should be non-academic or personal, and the last one can be chosen by the applicant.

The majority of these requirements are standard for most Ontario medical schools. However, there are limited spots available at Western, and you must work hard to submit an outstanding application if you want to increase your chances of getting accepted. 

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Western University Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics

For the 2018 school year, 2,415 applicants submitted their applications. Of those applicants, only 485 were granted interviews. Of those interviewed, 171 students were admitted. 80% of students admitted had a bachelor’s degree, while 20% had a graduate or professional degree.

The cut-off MCAT score on the BBFLS, CFPBS, and CARS were all 126. The cut-off GPA was 3.70. Western University Medical school did not report the average GPA or MCAT score, but only the cut-offs required. An applicant’s GPA and MCAT score should be significantly higher than the cut-off for a competitive application.

Of the students admitted, 158 resided in Ontario, 12 in other provinces, and one outside of Canada.

Students who graduated from high schools in Southwestern Ontario have some advantages. For these applicants, MCAT cut-offs are several points lower than applicants from other regions of Ontario or Canada.

Tuition and Residency Requirements for Western Medical School

There are no residency requirements for the Western Medical School. Students are welcome to apply from any province or country, given that they meet the prerequisites and are either Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Tuition for Western University Medical school is considered average for an Ontario medical school at $25,456 per year.

Western University Dental School

Western University also offers a four-year Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. The dental program is the first in Canada to offer accreditation for foreign-trained dentists. Students who received dental education abroad can be certified to practice in Canada, much like foreign medical graduates can attain accreditation through the Medical College of Canada.

Students learn health science, dental diagnosis, and simulated clinical practice from their first year onwards. Students acquire the hands-on and theoretical knowledge required to succeed in a clinical setting.

5 Reasons to Attend Western Medical School

Even if you’re interested in a traditional medical school experience or want to become a dental surgeon, there are many other reasons why Western University is a great choice.

Here are a few reasons why we believe Western University should be on your shortlist:

  1. Wide range of hospital affiliations. Western Medical School has affiliations with every major hospital in London, Ontario. Hospitals include University Hospital, Victoria Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, and others. Each hospital specializes in a field of medicine like neuroscience, oncology, mental health, anesthesiology, and others. Students gain invaluable experience in patient care and research in these hospitals.
  2. Interdisciplinary faculty. The School of Medicine offers not only the MD program, but also the Bachelor of Health Science and DDS program. Students have the opportunity for research in multiple fields and specializations, regardless of their program.
  3. Diverse student body. Western Medical School prides itself on equitable admission standards that ensure a diverse student body. Students enjoy an enriching academic environment where people of various ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, and races all share a passion for medicine.
  4. Study in Southern Ontario. The region of Toronto and its surrounding communities is the most densely populated area in Canada. Students can enjoy opportunities in research, internship, and recreation across the Golden Horseshoe.
  5. Enjoy the small-town feel of London. London is home to many museums and heritage properties. The London Fringe Theatre Festival takes place every year and hosts many contemporary productions. If you love food, the yearly International Food Festival takes place every June and is host to many restaurants and craft breweries.

London may lack the big city feel of Toronto or Montreal, but that should not dissuade you from looking to complete your medical school at Western University. London has all the amenities you need, isn’t that far from Toronto and Hamilton, and is located close to the United States border.

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