Last Updated on October 27, 2023

MMI Interviews

The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) has become the most common interview method for medical schools worldwide, integrating timed independent assessments in a circuit format with a composite overall score.

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Secrets

As with practicing for the MCAT,  you will be much more successful on your medical school interviews if you prepare for the process, and not just the content of the interviews. Having a “game plan” in mind to tackle your 2-minute reading periods can make a significant difference in the organization, quality and confidence of your answers. Here are 3 secret tips from a successful applicant to help you succeed on your MMIs:

1 – Prompts will be posted on or beside the door of each station. Most interviewees will spend the entire 2-minute reading period constantly focused on the prompt, only to forget important details once in the room. Luckily for them, the station prompt will also be posted in the room to refer to, but there’s a better approach!

Read the scenario once then PUT THE FLAP DOWN. This unconventional step promotes better recall and broader answer development. Think about the different parts of the question and start forming your answer. Now, lift the flap up and read the prompt again, specifically focusing on any details you didn’t remember from your first reading, and connecting your answer points to the case.

2 – Your rest station may be over an hour away so try incorporating a 15-second mini-break into the end of your reading time. Put the flap down, take a drink from your water bottle, prep your sticker, and look around at how stressed the other interviewees are and silently laugh (this gets a genuine smile on your face for your entrance). Go over the mental outline to your discussion points once again, especially how you want to begin your answer. The purpose of these steps is to prepare you for the start of the station and this preparation will shine through in your introduction and confidence level.

3 – At most medical schools, you will have a sheet of stickers and you need to give one to each interviewer… Before you step in the room, peel a sticker and put it on a finger on your left hand.

Hold on, what?

It can be frustratingly difficult to peel a sticker in front of the interviewer when you are nervous and your hands are shaking. Alternatively, you can give your sticker sheet to the interviewer to let them peel it, but this risks leaving all your stickers behind if they forget to give it back. You can be unique and prepared by having a pre-peeled sticker on your left hand ready to present to your interviewer. (Do not put it on your right hand – you will be using that for the handshake). Trust me, they will be impressed with your preparation!

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